Beaver Valley Skating Club

"OVER THE EDGE" Club Newsletter

Taryn Verhelst - 2016 Kootenay Region Skate Canada Program Assistant Award
Adleigh Rodgers - 2016 Kootenay Region Skate Canada Canskate Athlete Award
Claire Sibbald - 2016 Kootenay Region Skate Canada StarSkate Athlete Award
Photo with coach Lis Iannone and Kootenay Region Representative Jacinta Marina

Claire Sibbald was named the 2016 Skate Canada STARSkate Athlete of the Year for the BC/YK section.
Kevin Reynolds and Liam Firus presented the awards at the BC/YK Section Awards Gala.
Tracy Wilson and Ted Barton did the award introduction.

The BC/YK Super Series Champions were determined at the Super Series final event in Kelowna.
The top three scores for skaters from the series of competitions determined the final result.
The Sr. Bronze Champion Trophy went to Brenna Paulsen of the Beaver Valley Skating Club who ranked first out of 96 BC Skaters.

BVSC won the Barclay Trophy at the 2016 Region Championships for the 3rd year in a row!!

Our competitive skaters are:

Ava David
Jordyn Ferguson
Lena Obal
Elise Obal
Payton Fowler
Juliet Partridge
Sophie Louwe
Jocelyn Derksen
Jenn Hartmann
Annelise Morrison
Isabella Louwe
Jasmine Needham
Bree Fitzpatrick
Nathan Kreuzer
Jillian Leslie
Aiko Kreuzer
Emma Leslie
Claire Sibbald
Yvonne Gregory
Brenna Paulsen
Taryn Verhelst
Mackenzie Walts
Serena Deadmarsh
Breanna Tomilin
Eileen Zhang

Congratulations to the 2016 Award Winners

Program Assistant of the Year – Taryn Verhelst

CanSkate Athlete Award – Adleigh Rodgers

Junior StarSkate Sportsmanship Award as voted by her peers – Annelise Morrison

Most Improved Rising StarSkater Award as voted by her peers – Jenn Hartmann

Most Sportsmanlike Senior StarSkater Award as voted by her peers – Yvonne Gregory

Most Improved StarSkater Award as voted by her peers – Brenna Paulsen

Test Athlete of the Year Award – Claire Sibbald